In order to address the needs of our global custober base we have established a relationship with a network of associates in South East Asia, India, the Middle East and Canada.

Please feel free to contact any of our associates for high quality support for your supply chain requirements.

South East Asia:

PASIA - Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia

Principal Contact: Charlie Villasenor

Contact Information: Telephone +63 919 912 4789


Web Site Address: www.pasia.org


Exxpert SCM

Principal Contact: Raman Pattabhi

Contact Information: Telephone +91 6362 1212 53


Web Site Address: www.exxpertscm.com

Middle East:

Practical SCM

Principal Contact: Yaron Nachmana

Contact Information: Telephone +972 544 894 283


Web Site Address: www.practicalscm.com


Globeacon Canada

Principal Contact: Gregory Azbel

Contact Information: Telephone +1 647 801 1517


Web Site Address: www.globeacon.ca





“I have had the opportunity to be involved with many organizations in North America, Asia, and Europe and found that C.S. Consulting Associates Inc. was exemplary in every facet of the process. 

As a boutique consulting company, you are able to contact the organizations’ principals for valuable advice and an honest complete follow-up with all aspects of the process. From first contact to contract and Implementation I have not worked with a finer organization. The highest accolade that I can give is that I now consider one of the principals a mentor, friend, and continuing future resource.”

Michael Lackmanec
Director, Market Strategy


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