Education is one of the prerequisites for successful and lasting improvements. It provides the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that support long term behavioural change.

Education deals with the "why". It is addressing the principles and techniques. Our seminars and exercises provide many opportunities for actual hands-on experience that clearly demonstrate how it all fits together. Attendeees are motivated to start thinking at a high level about process and system design, future requirements and potentail improvements.

Seminars can be developed and tailored to your specific needs and can be provided in-house or off-site. Exercises used as part of the seminar can reflect your own part numbers, products and constraints.

We developed a series of leading edge courses and seminars to address a growing market demand of many of our clients.

The following is a sample of our courses and seminars:

Principles/Fundamentals of Materials and Operations Management

Certified in Production and Inventory Management – CPIM

Integrated Resource Management – IRM

Certified Supply Chain Professional – CSCP

Certified Logistics Transportation and Distribution – CLTD

Supply Chain Management and Sustainability

Advanced Inventory Management and Cycle Counting (CC)

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP),
Master Production Scheduling (MPS),
Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)

Enterprise Resource Planning ERP

Demand Management and Forecasting

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